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June Open Class Week (June 19-June 23) & Celebrations  June 2017 open class week

Summer Camp is filling up fast!  Get your registration in soon to ensure a seat!
Click here for Summer Camp News & Information.

New policy:  To change or cancel an afterschool program, please complete the Change/Cancellation form. While we do understand when students and families change classes/schedules in the beginning of the semester, we will no longer credit families for cancelled classes after April 30th. Families will be responsible for the full semester cost of the class after that date.  In addition, there are some classes that can not be cancelled for credit or refund after the second class.   These classes include MakerState Classes, Ice Skating, Chess, Rock Star, Skateboarding, Jr. FLL, Lego Robotics, and Guitar.

Welcome Back – September 2016

Drop In Registration

Early Bird Registration




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