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Para nuestras familias hispanas: Por favor comuniquese con nosotros atravez de correo electronico ( si necesita ayuda navegando o entendiendo la informacion de nuestra pagina.

Offering Afterschool Classes, Early Bird Morning Program and Summer Camp to students of PS 11.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates:

April 5, 2020

Open classes week of April 6th:

Chinese/Mandarin (K-5th grade) 

PopFit Juniors (preK-2nd grade)  link coming soon
Soccer (3rd-5th grade )  link coming soon
Soccer (K-2nd grade) link coming soon
MakerState (2nd-5th grade) Scratch  

MakerState Scratch (2nd-5th grade)
PreK & K Meetup with Victor, Alexus and Doreen
1st grade Meetup with Katherine and Natasha
MakerState Scratch (2nd-5th grade ) 

MakerState Girls Coding (Scratch) 2nd-5th grade  
Project:  TBA.  Watch this video first
PopFit Femme Fitness, girls, (2nd-5th grade)   link coming soon
Soccer  (PreK-2nd grade)  link coming soon
3rd grade meetup with Victor and Geo
MakerState Coding Club (2nd-5th grade)
                  Watch this video first
Soccer  (2nd-5th grade)  link coming soon

MakerState STEM class, (2nd-5th grade)  Scratch TBA  Watch this video first
Refashionistas with Denise
2nd grade Meetup with Katherine and Natasha
4th & 5th grade Meetup with Heiddy and Kat
Yoga with Ayelet Afek (2nd-5th grade) link coming soon
MakerState STEM class (2nd-5th grade)
Scratch Arts Creation  Watch this video first

Piano (piano required), one-one-one lessons – please email if interested

Magic Yoga Land with Ayelet (PreK-2nd grade) link coming soon
MakerState STEM class (2nd-5th grade)   Today’s lesson: TBA  Please don’t forget to log on with a computer or laptop  (no ipads or tablets, please).  Remember to watch this video first
Chinese Arts & Crafts (1st-5th grade)  Supplies needed:  TBA
Soccer (PreK-2nd grade)  link coming soon
Soccer (3rd-5th grade) link coming soon
MakerState Coding Club (2nd -5th grade)
Today’s lesson: TBA  Please don’t forget to log on with a computer or laptop (no ipads or tablets, please)   Remember to watch this video first

Guitar (guitar required), private lessons – please email if interested

March 29, 2020:

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

This has been a challenging couple of weeks, but we are overwhelmed and inspired by the continued support, strength and resiliency of the PS 11 community. 

We have been working hard to move as many of our classes online as possible.  We have been cooking, dancing, coding, rocking and rolling, playing soccer and so much more.  A complete list of online classes are available below – and we continue to add more each day so check the list often. 

We also are opening up some classes to all students (see list below)- whether you are currently enrolled in that class or not.  A great opportunity for your child to try out a new class, learn a new skill and meet up with friends and classmates. 

We will post the links on our website on Sundays (and update it throughout the week.)  You can join any available class.  Please try to join the class at the indicated time.  This list does not include all the classes that we are currently offering.  Only the ones that new students are able to join.

We would like this to be really flexible – you can join when you want, no weekly commitment.  Although afterschool rates will apply, no payments will be required. Families can use the credits from payments already made toward these classes.

We are also posting on our website other available resources & activities sent to us by some of our partners (Children’s Museum of the Arts, NY International Children’s Film  Festival).  We will continue to add and update as new information comes our way.

Please stay safe and healthy.  And let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to support you and your family.

Debbie & the Afterschool Team

Follow us on Instagram @ps11programs and see below for other information and resources.  Tag us on Instagram @ps11programs so we can see your kids engaging in Afterschool



March 23, 2020:
This is a great resource from GreenBeetz with resources for food, medical/mental health, learning and engagement and support.

March 18, 2020
Refund/Credit policy:  We are still working out how to apply payments for missed classes as of March 16, 2020. We are hoping that we will all be back to school on April 20th.  If that is the case, we would apply any credits for missed classes going forward. There will be no further automatic charges/bills until we have resumed operations.  Credits/refunds for Early Bird, Extended Dismissal and Afterschool Dropins will also be made.   In the meantime, we are offering several online classes that we hope will help to keep your child engaged (see list below.)

March 16, 2020: Below we have listed the vendors and classes that have organized virtual programming. We will continue to add to the list as more become available.

A continuacion, tenemos la lista de clases de afterschool que han creado videos y/o contenido virtual para los estudiantes registrados en esas clases. Seguiermos agregando clases a medida que esten disponibles. 

  • Makerstate: ALL classes
  • SPARK Business Academy: My First Lemonade Stand and Budding Entrepreneurs
  • Sophia’s Hip Hop classes
  • Frida’s Hip Hop classes
  • Guitar
  • Rock Star
  • Rock and Roll Movies
  • Piano
  • Farm to Table Cooking
  • PopFit Junior & Femme Fitness
  • Soccer
  • Sewing
  • Drawing with Heiddy (Wednesday)
  • Capoiera
  • Ballet
  • YogaComing soon:
  • Model Airplane Building
  • Magic
  • French & Spanish
  • Karate
  • Chinese (Mandarin) & Chinese Crafts

March 15, 2020: School is closed beginning Monday, March 16th through April 20th.  Stay tuned for information  on our VIRTUAL programming.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.

We don’t know what the next few weeks or months will bring, but we are collaborating with our vendors and instructors to provide some online and virtual programming.  It will not be available for every class but we will do all that we can to provide resources to help your children stay busy and engaged in their Afterschool programs.   We are also trying to create a list of other online resources (see below) that you can use to keep your kids busy.

Your family’s health and the health and safety of our staff is of the utmost importance.  We will be in touch as the situation progresses but please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.


Debbie & the Afterschool Team

Para nuestras familias,

Estarémos actualizando esta pagina y nuestras redes sociales con información apenas que sea disponible.

Educational & Enrichment Resources
Grow NYC Education Programs – plant, grow & cook
Education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings
Children’s Museum of the Arts: Homemade Flubber & Playdoh Recipe
Children’s Museum of the Arts:  How-to-Videos;
Children’s Museum of the Arts:  Easy Family Friendly Art Projects
Read Alouds
Mo Willems Lunchtime Doodles
New Victory Theatre Arts Break
New Victory Theatre Arts Break – Puppetry
MakerState Challenges –  Make your own quicksand

New York International Children’s Film Festival Short Films:

Perfect Houseguest (All Ages)
By Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, NYICFF 2016
2 min.
A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.
Talking points:
– Why do you think the filmmakers decided to use a mouse to tell this story?
– What are some words you would use to describe a mouse in your home? In this film?
– Think of another animal in your house. What unexpected things would it be funny to see them doing? Draw a picture inspired by your ideas!
Welcome to My Life (Ages 8+)
By Elizabeth Ito, NYICFF 2017
9 min.
The animated high school challenges of T-Kesh, your average Monster-American teenager.
Talking points:
– This film is a kind of mockumentary. It looks like a documentary, which is usually non-fiction, but is telling a fictional story. What elements of the film make it look and feel like a documentary?
– What is the conflict in this story? How is the conflict resolved?
– Imagine you are making a mockumentary. What is it about? Interview your family members about your subject.
Fun Fact: The voice actors are the filmmaker’s own family members!

The current semester of Afterschool runs runs from February 24 to June 19, 2020.  Click below for registration information:

2019-2020 AfterSchool Information

2019 Tax Statements & Information
To obtain 2019 tax payment information:
Families can log-in to their Eleyo accounts and download their tax statements from there. A link is below to the learn site for steps to obtain the tax statements.

Please note: The tax statement report is only available for payments made through the child care account (Interim, Early Bird, Extended Dismissal or Fall Financial Assistance.) If you paid for a course enrollment (Fall/Spring 2019 Afterschool), you can download the receipt for that course payment which has our Tax ID on it. There is not a pre-made report for tax purposes for course payments.

To download the receipt:
Scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard/Home page
Select >Your History>Select year 2019>Payments>Download Payment/Refund Receipts
There is both a visual screencast and a downloadable PDF file on directions for obtaining a Child Care Tax Statement below.

2020 Summer Camp Info

Cancellation Policy, effective Spring 2020

February 2020 Dance Show Video


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  1. Dear all, when does Afterschool end this June? Will there be afterschool the week of June 11 for example? many thanks

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