Afterschool at PS 11

Early Bird

Early Bird 2019-2020 Registration
The Early Bird (morning drop-off) Program will begin on Thursday, September 5th and is offered every school day. Families can drop off students from 7:30-8:15 in the front of the auditorium. Students start the day with legos, games, puzzles, and physical activities. Early Bird runs until 8:30. Breakfast is served to students at 8:15.

All students must be pre-paid and pre-registered before attending the Early Bird program. Students may register for the full year or at a monthly, weekly or drop in rate. The full year rate is $1100 ($167 off the regular cost.) The monthly rate is $7 per day and is billed and charged to your credit card at the beginning of each month. Preregistered enrollments on a weekly or daily schedule are charged at $8/day; billed and charged to your card at registration. Drop ins are available at $15 per day and also must be prepaid.