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Dance Show Information

February 2020 Dance Show Video


There will be 3 performances of the February Dance Show.  The first two will be dress rehearsals on Tuesday, February 11th and Thursday, February 13th at 9:30 am. The evening performance for family and friends will be held on Thursday, February 13th at 6:30.  Students are expected to participate in the rehearsal in order to perform in the evening show.  Dancers should report to the auditorium on February 11th and 13th by 8:30 am.  For the evening show,  dancers should arrive no later than 5:45 p.m. February 13th.  Please, please, please let us know NOW if your child will not be able to attend the show.   It is very important that students attend all classes between now and the show.

If you have any problems in getting the costumes listed below, please contact the afterschool office.

Ballet (Monday – both classes) Ballet students MUST wear a leotard, tutu, leggings and ballet shoes. Hair in 1 or 2 pigtail buns.  Pink/black/white ballet attire.   

Ballet (Thursday, K-2nd grade) Ballet students MUST wear a leotard, tutu, leggings and ballet shoes. Hair in 1 or 2 pigtail buns.  Pink/black/white ballet attire.  K-2nd grade Ballet students should arrive dressed for the evening show in their ballet clothes. 

Monday 1st session Hip Hop, (K – 1st grade)Cowboy/girl costumes (hats, bandanas , jeans, shorts)Students can put together their own cowboy/girl look or see links for Amazon costumes ideas are below:
Costume, option 1
Costume, option 2
Costume, option 3
Bandana, pink

Monday 2nd session, Hip Hop, (1st-3rd grade)  Black and silver or gold
Sequin Costume

Tuesday 1st session Jazz Funk (3rd-5th grade) Girls:  Leggings (see link below) + black shirts.  Guys:  black pants and orange shirt (link below.)
Orange Shirts

Tuesday 2nd session Hip  Hop (3rd-5th)  Black pants and blue button down shirt ( link below)
Plaid Flannel Shirt

Wednesday 1st session Hip Hop (2nd & 3rd grade)White t shirts and black pants, hats (see link below):

Wednesday 2nd session Advanced Hip Hop Black pants and t-shirts (see below):
Watercolor t-shirts

Thursday 1st session Hip Hop 3rd-5th grade –  Black pants and these t-shirts (see below:)

Thursday 2nd session Latin Jazz 3rd-5th gradeBlack leggings and black shirt, Silver skirt (see below):
Silver Skirt

Friday 1st session Hip Hop (PreK-1st grade)   Black and white. Options can be:  a) all black;  b) all white;  c) black top/ white bottom;  d) white top/black bottom.  Any stripes/solids/pokadots, any design is fine as long as only black and white.  Shoes – any type of sneaker

Friday 2nd session Hip Hop (K-3rd grade)  Silver or grey, blue and red.  The kids can choose one color , any two, or all three is they have.  Does not need to be all three but at least one of the colors.  Shoes any type of sneaker

Please email or call 917-653-0594 if you have questions.