Afterschool at PS 11

Educational & Enrichment Resources

Educational & Enrichment Resources
Grow NYC Education Programs – plant, grow & cook
Education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings
Children’s Museum of the Arts: Homemade Flubber & Playdoh Recipe
Children’s Museum of the Arts:  How-to-Videos;
Children’s Museum of the Arts:  Easy Family Friendly Art Projects
Read Alouds
Mo Willems Lunchtime Doodles
New Victory Theatre Arts Break
New Victory Theatre Arts Break – Puppetry
MakerState Challenges –  Make your own quicksand

New York International Children’s Film Festival Short Films:

Perfect Houseguest (All Ages)
By Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, NYICFF 2016
2 min.
A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.
Talking points:
– Why do you think the filmmakers decided to use a mouse to tell this story?
– What are some words you would use to describe a mouse in your home? In this film?
– Think of another animal in your house. What unexpected things would it be funny to see them doing? Draw a picture inspired by your ideas!
Welcome to My Life (Ages 8+)
By Elizabeth Ito, NYICFF 2017
9 min.
The animated high school challenges of T-Kesh, your average Monster-American teenager.
Talking points:
– This film is a kind of mockumentary. It looks like a documentary, which is usually non-fiction, but is telling a fictional story. What elements of the film make it look and feel like a documentary?
– What is the conflict in this story? How is the conflict resolved?
– Imagine you are making a mockumentary. What is it about? Interview your family members about your subject.
Fun Fact: The voice actors are the filmmaker’s own family members!