Afterschool at PS 11

Afterschool Photos & Videos

Spring 2022 

Photography with Ms. Bruen

Spanish (Tuesday)

TADA! Final Presentations


Fall 2021 Class Photos & End of Semester Celebration links:

Afterschool Fun (Fall 2021 photos)

Amazing Animals

Art with George, Murals & Running Photos:
Monday 3-5 Art with George  
Tuesday 3-5 Art with George  
Tuesday K-2 Art with George  
Wednesday Running with George  
Thursday Murals with George  


Calligraphy & Chinese Arts & Crafts

Hip Hop Videos

Art of Piano

Photography with Ms. Bruen

Rock and Roll Movies

Spanish Slideshow

TADA! Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance

Monday & Thursday Ballet

Guitar Recital

Tuesday Tap Dance
Friday Tap Dance


WonderHut Science Art



Previous semesters:

Animation Spring 2014 Videos
Chelsea Hands on History
A journey of discovery into the living history and preservation of the Chelsea Neighborhood. Learn about the birthplace of the Oreo Cookie at Chelsea Market, Chelsea Pier’s connection to the Titanic, Gansevoort Plaza’s past as a bustling farmers market and a connection in the neighborhood to the Underground Railroad.  Chelsea Hands on History Walking Tour & UniProject article.
Healthy Kids Cooking & Gardening

Hip Hop Dance Shows
February 2016
June 2016
February 2017
Striped Polka Dots

Music Memory
Puppets with Otis & NY Cares Art Explorers
Rock & Roll Movies with Mike Messer

Find more pictures by following our Facebook page: Ps11 Programs/Afterschool & Summer Camp


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